Download Older Versions

EyeAutomate is FREE and runs on any system that supports Java.

Install Java

Make sure that you have Java 8 installed. Click here to download and install a Java Runtime.

Download EyeAutomate

Setup Intructions

Run the setup program by launching the "SetupEyeAutomateX.Y.jar" file or use the command:

java -jar SetupEyeAutomateX.Y.jar

Do not install the files below the "Program" or "Program Files" folder under Windows since the package contains both binaries and data.

Run the "EyeAutomateStudio.jar" file to start EyeAutomate Studio. You may also launch EyeAutomate Studio by running the "runEyeAutomateStudio.bat" file or using the command:

java -jar EyeAutomateStudio.jar

Update to the Latest Version

Simply download and install the newest version of EyeAutomate to the same folder as your existing version.

Your scripts, images, settings and license keys will still be available. The setup program will not replace files created by the user.