Mouse Commands

Mouse commands for EyeAutomate.

Download the Mouse Command Bundle


EyeAutomate, EyeStudio or EyeServer version 2.0 or higher.

Bundle Contains

12 EyeAutomate commands including Java source code.

Setup Intructions

Download the eye bundle. Use the File / Import Bundle option in EyeStudio an select the downloaded eye file. Restart EyeStudio. Note that you may also unzip the eye file to the EyeAutomate root folder.

Mouse Commands

An introduction to the mouse commands in EyeAutomate. Note that the mouse commands are desktop only and are not compatible with Selenium like the basic and extended commands.

The MouseScroll command simulates the mouse scroll wheel. A positive value will normally scroll down in Windows while a negative value scrolls up. The use of the scroll wheen is however application dependent. A MouseLeftClick has the same result as using MouseLeftPress followed by a MouseLeftRelease. Mouse commands are typically used in combination with Basic Commands like Move.