The EyeSuite is easy to get started with because each tool has been developed to maximize its usability and learnability. However, developing test cases of high quality, which are also robust and feasible to maintain over time, require education and experience. We have recognized this need and therefore developed an educational program with the following workshops to prepare you and your organization for VGT:

  1. Workshop 1: Tool basics (foundation) – Learn the basics of the purchased tool, its functions and features (3h).
  2. Workshop 2: Scripting (advanced) – Learn how to develop high quality test cases and test architectures (3h).
  3. Workshop 3: Continuous VGT (expert) – Learn how to use and/or integrate VGT into your continuous work process (3h).
  4. Workshop 4: VGT organization – Learn how to work with VGT as a team (3h).

The learnings included in the workshops may be subject to change and can be adopted specifically for your company’s context and needs.

From €600/workshop. The price does not include VAT and travel expenses.
€900 for Workshop 1, 2 and 3 when buying EyeServer (Limited time offer)


Kick-start your adoption of VGT and the EyeSuite by having our skilled consultants on site to either develop, or manage development, of test scripts. Contact us for additional information and prizing.

Note that this service is facilitated based on consultant availability.