Image capture tool for Eye and EyeSel.

Download EyeCapture

EyeCapture is a free image capture tool packed into one small executable Java jar file. Use it to quickly capture images for Eye and EyeSel.
The path to the captured image is stored on the clipboard so that you can paste it into the code.


Make sure that you have Java 8 installed. Click here to download and install a Java Runtime.

Setup Intructions

1. Download the “EyeCapture.jar” file to any folder.

2. Double-click the “EyeCapture.jar” file or use the command: java -jar EyeCapture.jar to launch the image capture tool.

Capture Images

1. Start EyeCapture.

2. Select the Capture button to capture an image. Use “Capture in 10s” to capture with a delay of 10 seconds.

3. Hold the left mouse button to drag and select the target image.

4. Select a destination folder and filename.

5. The path to the captured image is now stored on the clipboard. Paste the path into the source code.