OCR Commands

OCR commands for EyeAutomate.

Download the OCR Command Bundle


EyeAutomate, EyeStudio or EyeServer version 2.0 or higher.

Bundle Contains

6 commands including Java source code.

Setup Intructions

Download the eye bundle. Use the File / Import Bundle option in EyeStudio an select the downloaded eye file. Restart EyeStudio. Note that you may also unzip the eye file to the EyeAutomate root folder. Use the EyeStudio tool SetEyeSelLicense to set the license for EyeSel, if needed.

OCR Commands

An introduction to the OCR commands in EyeAutomate.

Use ReadText to read a text using the Tesseract OCR open source software. The image is used for finding the correct location. Use the rectangle to specify where inside the located image to read. The read text is placed in the ReadText parameter.

The Read command can be used to read a text without using Tesseract. Read uses the internal image recognition to identify characters. Specify the font to use using the Font command. EyeStudio can auto detect a font inside an image. Right-click and image inside a script and select the “Detect Font from Image” option. You may also specify the characters to select from using the ReadCharacters command. The result is stored in the ReadText parameter.

Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to find the correct font to use for the Read command. Use the Characters command to specify the characters to use and to provide an image for each of the characters. We recommend using a paint tool to cut the individual characters. We suggest a one pixel empty border around each character.